NavajoYES - a Navajo Nation Nonprofit
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Offering adventure, enrichment & service learning for Dine' youth

Calendar of Events


2011-2012 NavajoYES Calendar of Events


August 26-27: NavajoYES Board Session @ Grand Canyon

September 2-5: Grand Canyon NACAP Outing @ Grand Canyon

September 9-10: NavajoYES Exhibit at Navajo Nation Fair

September 30-October 1: Chuska Challenge mountain bike event @ Tsaile

October 7-8: NavajoYES Exhibit at Shiprock Fair

October 28-30: Hoover Dam Half Marathon

November 5: Twin Falls/Carrizo Trail Project @ T'iis Nazbas, Arizona

November 10: "Uranium on the Rez" Miner Recogntion Event @ Red Valley, Arizona

November 18-20: Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip

December 1: "Wonders of Dine' Bikeyah" Calendar available

December 17: NavajoYES Board Meeting @ Gallup, New Mexico


January 7: Twin Falls Winter Adventure

January 28: Desert Classic Marathon Relay @ Phoenix/ February 19: Arizona Marathon

February 5: Tour de Rez Planning Session @ Window Rock, Arizona

February 4-6: NavajoYES Board Retreat @ Window Rock, Arizona

February 12: Twin Falls Winter Adventure

March 3-4: Four Corners Outdoor Education Conference @ Blanding, Utah

March 12-13:  Twin Falls/Carrizo Mountain Trail Project

March 23-26: Bataan Memorial Death March @ White Sands, New Mexico

March 26-April 1: Washington University Spring Break Program

April 12-15: Havasupai Backpacking Trip

April 14: Paradise Loop Ride @ Navajo Mountain, Utah 

April 28: NavajoYES Board Meeting @ T'iis Nazbas

May 5: Shiprock Marathon

May 12: Twin Falls Trail Project

June-July: 22nd Annual Tour de Rez




















September 10-11:  Grand Canyon Music Festival

September14: Y.E.S. Board Meeting, Kayenta

September 18-19:  Grand Canyon Music Festival  (Kayenta Communtiy School)

September 22: Grand Canyon Music Festival

September 24-25: Grand Canyon Music Festival (Naatsisaan Community School)

October 6: Y.E.S. Board Meeting

October 8-11: Chuska Challenge

December 7: Y.E.S. Board Meeting

December 10-12  Durango - College Experience Weekend