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2012 Tour de Rez

2013 Tour de Rez:  Stage 1:  Backpack to Rainbow Bridge

2013 Tour de Rez: Stage 1: Backpack to Rainbow Bridge



Relaxing at the confluence of the Little Colorado with the Colorado River in the depths of Grand Canyon
Canyoneering in "no man's land" between Monument Valley and Navajo Mountain
Celebrating an amazing Easter in Grand Canyon!
Enjoing a moment without packs on the New Hance Trail in Grand Canyon
Crossing some rugged country near No Man's Mesa in southern Utah
Two brothers enjoying a moment on the Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon
With Navajo Mountain looming behind, hikers stay cool on the Rainbow Trail


Brilliant stands of golden aspens dance across the Chuskas each autumn
Chuska Saturday saw a quick wintry blast (above) pass through, before giving way to another brisk but
beautiful fall afternoon (below)/
Shonto Prep students have made the Chuska a fall tradition.
This "October blizzard" on Chuska '07 was short-lived, giving way to a mild afternoon. 
Lewis Toledo enters the top of the "bear chute" on the trickiest section of the route
Taking in the view from atop Roof Butte at the northern end of the Chuskas 
 Some Chilchinbeto riders with Y.E.S. Director Tom Riggenbach at Red Valley
 Ranger Daryl Billy scopes out one of the Chuska routes in late September.
Deb from Kayenta chillin' out on a climb in the Chuskas
Tour de Rez

Tour de Rez

Rez traffic jam between Salina Springs and Burnside Junction
Tour campsite at MV High School football field - Monument Valley, Utah
Chuska Mountain country
Atop Piute Mesa, after trekking through "no man's land" from Monument Valley
Peering over Glen Canyon Dam
TDR "classroom" at Assayi Lake campsite
Chillin' in the San Juan on the 4th of July
Exploring MV with Jimmy Keith
Romance on the Tour trail
Crossing the Dennehtoso Wash after a July monsoon, just west of D-town