Tuesday, December 01, 2015
Promoting community wellness, lifelong fitness and youth empowerment in communities across the Dine' Nation

Environmental Stewardship Project of Dine' Bikeyah

The Environmental Stewardship Project of Dine' Bikeyah strives to enhance life on the rez.  For many years, Tour de Rez kids and NavajoYES volunteers have been involved community service around the Dine' Nation.  For example, we have restored over six miles in the Carrizo Mountains already!  Buffalo Pass picnic area, Squirrel Springs and Narbona Pass have all been revived through the efforts of our youth.  The Rainbow Trail to Rainbow Bridge has been on the receiving end of our kids' efforts for over two decades.  Massive new trails initiatives, community arts projects and the restoration of outdoor sites around the rez are on tap next.  We are seeking support from BHP-Billiton this fall to establish a base in Red Valley, from which youth would be able to create signage for trails, design trailhead areas and construct hundreds of benches and tables to be shared around the Nation.  The need is great, but there are so many amazing youth looking for an outlet.  The time has come for the great kids and families of the Nation to reclaim and restore all that is good and beautiful in Dine' Bikeyah!