Run or ride across the great Navajo Nation this summer as part of the virtual race, RACE ACROSS DINE’ BIKEYAH (RAD).  It is a virtual run/ride, so you pick the place to do it.  Your registration gets you a t-shirt, finishers medal and bib, all shipped to you!  Register at this link:

Run Across Dine’ Bikeyah is a virtual stage race, covering the 350 mile journey over 76 days.  Runners may choose the competitive race, noncompetitive run/walk or relay.

*** Competitive Race:  This event is a timed stage race, complete with awards.  Each participant will be e-mailed a form where they can log each of their runs (date, time, and distance).  Standings for each stage will be based upon the total time to reach the full distance of that stage, and will be posted upon completion of each stage. Awards will be given at the end of the entire race.

*** Noncompetitive Run/Walk:  This is a noncompetitive event where each participant will track their miles and time, and submit a total time after finishing each stage.  Noncompetitive runners will complete the full 350-mile route.

Walkers will cover a distance of 200 miles on their journey.  They will submit their running log at the conclusion of the event.  Participants of this event will all receive a shirt, bib and finisher’s medal.

*** Relay Run:  Runners in the relay will compete as a team of two-five people.  Each team will be emailed a link to where their members can log their runs (person, date, time, and distance).  Standings for each stage will be compiled on the total time to reach the full distance of the stage.  Awards will be given at the end of the event.

Ride Across Dine’ Bikeyah is a virtual bike race that covers the same 350 mile distance over the course of 10 days, August 6-15.  We will break down the distance and description of each day’s segment as race day approaches.

Both the runners and riders will traverse a 350 mile course that is based on an epic route across Dine’ Bikeyah, highlighting the amazing lives and legacies of “the Code Talkers and Friends” en route through social media, Facebook Live sessions, photo-sharing, and more.  The shadow route will provide a glimpse of some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet, and will give participants a chance to encounter Dine’ Bikeyah throughout the experience.  We will bring the lands, history and culture to life through your “travels”.

(1.) Cameron to Page – 70 miles/13 days (5.3); June 1-13

(2.)  Page to Navajo Mountain – 50 miles/10 days (5.0); June 16-25

(3.)  Navajo Mountain to Monument Valley – 45 miles/9 days (5.0);  June 28-July 06

(4.)  Monument Valley to Teec Nos Pos – 60 miles/12 days (5.0); July 9-July 20

(5.)  Teec Nos Pos to Shiprock – 45 miles/8 days (5.6); July 23-30

(6.)  Shiprock to Window Rock – 80 miles/14 days (5.7); August 2-15