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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Offering adventure, enrichment & service learning for Dine' youth
Tour de Rez an awesome success!
Click here to see some highlights from this year's Tour
Also:  Check out our Tour de Rez Facebook page for some great pics from the summer.
It's been a nice fall on the rez.  NavajoYES hosted students from around the reservation at the weekend campout at the Grand Canyon Music Festival in September.  The 19th Chuska Challenge was a nice success in the Chuskas over the weekend of September 27-29.  We have done trail days in the Carrizos, enjoyed another EcoFlight experience and several adventures in the Little Colorado River region!  
Shiprock Marathon registration is now open and we're excited about the 2014 race and several new races that we have in the works!  More on these events soon.


Events in fall 2013 and winter/spring 2014 -
  • Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim - August 23-25
  • NACAP weekend @ Grand Canyon - September 6-8
  • Chuska Challenge - September 27-29
  • Miner Recognition Program @ Red Valley - October
  • Gold Hill/LCR mountain bike trip - Thanksgiving
  • Blue Springs backpacking trip in Little Colorado River - December
  • Trail & service projects in Chuskas & Carrizos
  • School presentation on Shiprock Kids Marathon program
  • Shiprock Marathon Weekend - May 2-3


For information about NavajoYES, contact: 
Tom Riggenbach, Executive Director
P.O. Box 1487   Teec Nos Pos, AZ   86514 
Phone: (928) 429-0345   E-mail:

The NavajoYES office is located in Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, just five miles west of the Four Corners.


Tour de Rez
Read about past Tour de Rez journeys around Dine' Bikeyah.
Environmental Stewardship Project of Dine' Bikeyah
Our service projects continue to grow!  We will be doing trail & service projects around the rez to promote outdoor adventure and community wellness.
Outdoor Adventures
We have over 30 days of adventure this year, highlighted by Grand Canyon backcountry trips, a Little Colorado River backpacking trip in November, and spring trips to Supai, Navajo Mountain & Rainbow Bridge.  Contact us for more info.